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Why Yoga; Why Now...

We live in busy times.  Who do you know that doesn't live a life full of running around & trying to get it all done... If we could all live on the mat. 
The Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Teacher Training will give you the toolkit to do just that; live your yoga off of the mat...
And teach it to everyone around you...


The Sutra Seeds Mission Statement

To create and send into the world skillful, organized & compassionate practitioners and instructors from a well-balanced supportive environment.

"The pose is not the practice."

  • The practice is the work we do when we ask ourself to connect Mind, Breath & Body each time we step onto and off of the mat.  

  • The practice is the non-judgmental understanding we have for ourself when we realize that this work is hard. 

  • The practice is the awakening we have when we see & feel from the inside out who we really are and discover our own true Dharma to offer it to the world.

  • The pose is not the practice, but; the pose gives us the opportunity to be vulnerable and that vulnerability teaches us to see others at their highest in any given moment and to know that the practice of Yoga is the portal for true transformation.

Following years of dedication to the practice of Yoga, Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Teacher Training was established and is committed to provide you with the most thorough & comprehensive teacher training in a laid back all-inclusive style.


Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Teacher Training adheres to the format & guidelines of The Yoga Alliance - the watchdog for Yoga Teachers worldwide.  

The Yoga Alliance set the standards for teacher trainings and is currently revisiting these standards to ensure that ALL programs comply with the regulations set forth.  

Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Teacher Training

will cover (and is not limited to):

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali










Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Children's Yoga

The Bhagavad Gita

Basic Harmonium



Yamas & Niyamas


Finding Your Teaching Voice

The Business of Yoga

"see yourself from

the inside out"

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