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Now We Begin...

We are so glad you are interested in joining us for
Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (SSTT), has been designed with you in mind; someone who is looking for a deep rooted understanding of
Yoga and all it has to offer while living your full life.  

Whether you are seeking to share what you learn as a teacher or are seeking to deepen and grow your own yoga practice, Sutra Seeds promises to lead you on a
journey through the true roots of Yoga into the depths of your Self!

Click HERE to begin to grow.

There are in-person info sessions at Root to Rise Yoga Flow!

October 10th, 6:30PM (Tuesday)
October 23rd,
7:30PM (Monday)
plus free Yin Yoga class at 6:15PM if you come to the info session!


Stacey Pic.jpg

Stacey Geiger, SSYTT Graduate

If you are looking for a YTT 200 Hour Yoga training, I highly recommend Sutra Seeds. No need to look any further. You will get the best training from the most knowledgeable teachers. They both differ in styles which makes the training very well-rounded. You are learning from different perspectives. Lisa and Michelle care so very much about your success. They are transparent and honest. I was truly blessed to receive my training from Sutra Seeds. I learned more than I ever expected. I held onto every word said by these teachers. I bought every book mentioned. I will carry everything that was learned with me both on the mat and off.

Melissa Pic.JPG

Melissa Olund, SSYTT Graduate

Lisa and Michelle are fantastic mentors and teachers. They have such a breadth of Yoga experience and insights, and I felt like I truly had a holistic experience learning all the facets of Yoga. The pace of the training means I never felt rushed, always had enough time to sit with the teachings and absorb them, and really had space to grow as a new teacher. I would enthusiastically encourage anyone who knows Yoga is changing something inside themselves to go for this YTT even if they aren't sure that they want to teach in the future. The learnings about your own mind, spirit, and journey are so worth it..

Linxi Pic.jpg

Linxi Chen, SSYTT

The yoga teacher training experience was the best time I’ve had in my life! The program is amazing, the teachers are responsible, most importantly, the people I shared the experience with are the most beautiful! Coming in the training with an open mind, listening and learning as much as you can. You will find yourself coming out of this experience totally transformed! Now take what you’ve learned, teach and share with others! I strongly recommend this program for anyone who want to deepen their knowledge/practice of Yoga.

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